Malscan is an intuitive and easy to use malware scanner for linux, extending ClamAV with additional scanning modes and malware signatures. It is targeted at Linux webservers, but can be used on Linux mailservers and desktops too, if you're into that.

This is the official documentation library for malscan. It is fully open source and editable.

Contributing to documentation

If you would like to contribute to making this documentation even better, please don't hesitate to fork the documentation repository and submit a pull request with your contribution.

All pull requests are welcome and will be fully credited.

Getting Started

We strongly recommend using the official packages for your OS (if available) or our official Puppet Forge module. If you want to manually install Malscan you can either use the malscan installer or follow the steps in our manual install documentation.

To find out if your OS is officially supported, check out our supported operationg systems page

Contributing and Submitting Bugs

If you find any security vulerabilities within Malscan, please send an email to rather than creating a public Github issue.

Any other bug report can be submitted to the Github repo. Please respond promptly to any questions we raise so that we can quickly diagnose and correct any issues.