System Requirements

Core Requirements


For Malscan to run properly, root SSH or terminal access is required. By default Malscan creates its own malscan user and group for file and log storage, however it escalates itself to root for the scanning phase of the run to read files and lock down files during quarantine.


Malscan has several core package requirements that must be present for the application to run properly. These are:

  • ClamAV (0.98 or later)
  • bash
  • The wget utility
  • The file utility

These dependencies are automatically installed by the installer script. If you are installing manually, these must be present on the system before running Malscan.

Feature Requirements

Malscan additionall requires some packages for certain features. These are:

Utility Feature Example Package
sendmail Notifications postfix
sha256sum Tripwire coreutils